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Whether you're building a new hose or replacing existing windows, Grand Windows and Doors has a great selection of products in many different styles to brighten any palce. We provide these product series in wood, fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum.

Casement Windows

Casement window is the most popular and versatile model on the market these days and it remains the nation’s most popular style for over 35 years. This window looks like a picture window because unlike double hung or sliding window, a casement window has no rail. They open easily and come in any sizes so it’s a great choice for spaces where your window requires a reach. Casement windows offer full top to bottom ventilation, they are opening outward either to left or right which allows fresh air inside. Casement window designs tightly close, providing a weatherproof seal against drafts and moisture. Their unique looking systems, which aren’t easily accessible from outdoors, strengthen a home security.

Awning Windows

The Awning window is the best choice for kitchen, dining and bathroom rooms but can be used anywhere in the house. Awning window can be open up to 45 degrees from the bottom allowing fresh air circulate freely white it provides a protective shield to keep rain/snow out of your home. Awning Window is very energy efficient and because window is opened and closed with a hang crank, it features airtight seals when it is closed keeping drafts out for good.

Picture Windows

The picture window is usually a large window, designed to highlight attractive outdoor scenery.  Picture window is the most aesthetically-pleasing window and usually placed in family rooms where homeowners spend most of their time. Picture windows are normally inoperable so they provide no airflow or ventilation benefits but it makes them highly energy efficient and they are a great choice for people with allergies. The advantage of the picture window is that it contains no moving parts and therefore is less expensive to make.  

The types of picture windows are:

  • Single paned picture windows
  • Double paned picture windows
  • Multiple paned picture windows

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